Why Karma?


A good business is about Getting Things Done, and Karma does exactly that for you. It’ll organize everything from prospects to clients to co-worker to employees to project partners to files and documents under one browser.


If you don’t reach out to your customers someone else will. So to make sure you never miss a chance Karma helps you create customized templates and connect to millions of customers by pressing just four buttons.

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Tired of losing or misplacing contacts? Well, Karma helps you organize all your contacts and displays all the information regarding a client under one scroll.

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Sales & Billings

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Opportunities & Leads

Identifying an opportunity only makes sense if you win it. So Karma helps you track your progress and aids you in achieving it. One click on the opportunity and you can find everything there is to know about it – documents, files, meeting minutes, proposals, tasks – to ensure you’re always ready.

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Project Management

If you’re managing multiple projects/clients or an employee suddenly leaves the firm, it might make you feel disoriented. But with Karma there’s no need to worry. You can get the client history on one click and get updated. In addition, Karma will also notify you on upcoming events or tasks related to that project/client keeping you always prepared.

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Files & Documents

When you need a file, the one thing you can’t find is the one you’re searching for. In that case, Karma help you store your documents and files under the project or opportunity that it belongs to, plus you can just search it by its name. So the files that you need are always at your arm’s length.

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Tasks & to-do List

The Karma features a tasks list which shows the tasks that you have to do and the tasks your co-workers have assigned to you. In a way, it a constant reminder of what you need to do and helps you finish all works in time. Additionally, the task wall shows the overview of everyone’s tasks making the task of supervision easier.

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Team Collaboration & Discussion

The Karma features a discussion tab too, which helps you save time spent on shuffling through multiple apps. Under this feature, you can create teams based on projects or clients and conduct structured discussion, which is well documented for future references.

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Announcements & Notices

The faster the information is circulated, the more efficient the office becomes. But most of the times using conventional tools can delay the process. So Karma provides you dashboard where you can post in important announcements and notices. If the announcement concerns certain department only then you also have the choice to alter the privacy settings.

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Instant Report Generation

When it comes down to decision making, reports are of crucial importance but it is also a fact that preparing them takes a lot of time. For that particular reason, Karma helps you generate report based on your data instantly.

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Real Results


About Us


SIMPLICITY, CLARITY and EASE-OF-USE are the core principles that has driven the development of our products. We believe in investing on aspects that aids in the creation of value, rather that getting swept with the trend. In other words we aspire to create software that will help you achieve MORE with LESS.

Here at Wisdom Mirror we treat each other as family and encourage each other to create a conducive and productive work environment. We believe in having fun while we work, so that we can be our personal best. We continuously provide constructive feedbacks to each other and aspire to develop and deliver software that are easy to use, yet delivering the maximum utility.

Samten O’Sullivan


Samten O’Sullivan holds a Bachelor degree in Buddhist Philosophy and Himalayan Language and is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to making positive changes in both local and global contexts. He has over seven years experience as the personal secretary for the renowned Buddhist teachers, Kyagbön Phakchok Rinpoche and H.E. Tsikey Chokling Rinpoche. Samten also has 11 years experience managing Sky Light Pvt. Ltd., where he is now the Managing Director. Having his enthusiastic, dynamic managing skills is a game changer.



Sanjay is a true believer of the power of Simplicity and Technology. Holding a Masters degree in Computer Engineering and being a Certified Enterprise Architect and Developer, he has gathered more than 15 years of experience by working with many Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Financial and Insurance sectors in US. We are proud to have him in our team because of his exceptional skills to deliver complex projects in time and budget.



Rajan is the adventurer of our team, always ready to test the limits of our capability. Being a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA), he is providing valuable services to our clients in both application development as well as networking and cloud server administration. He is our Analyst/Developer with hands on knowledge of Linux, PHP, MySQL server, Cloud server and CSS



Aakriti is the newest member of the team, who has joined us with an objective to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence. She has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and looks after our Client’s relationship to create a synergetic impact. She brings with her the experiences she has gathered in the field of Business analysis and Project coordination to materialize the objective of our company.


Frontend Developer

Vikas is the swimmer of our team and every team needs one, right? Having completed BSc. in computer science from Kathmandu University, he has more than two years of hands on experience in the development field. Apart from that, he also has experience with Linux, PHP, Laravel Framework, Zend Framework, Angular, Wordpress, MySQL and REACT.


Backed Developer

Samyak is the ardent gamer of our team with a knack for music and travelling. Having gained a BIS degree from New Zealand, he specializes in combining his academic knowledge and skills to develop web applications and database designs that provide the best user experience. He has more than two years of experience in this field and focuses on techs like Linux, Zend, Framework, Laravel Framework, Word Press, MySQL and CSS.


Back in 2009, when our founders felt they need for something that could increase the efficiency in their operations, CRMs weren’t really a thing in Nepal. They knew they needed a CRM, but there were not much options available.

Nepal. They knew they needed a CRM, but there were not much options available. They did find some, but they were either too complex or too expensive. Then they found one which was simple and economic but it didn’t offer much customization and the data privacy and security was questionable.

When life gives you lemon, make some lemonade. And that is exactly what they did. First of all they found a tech company with enough foundation to start with. Then they did an extensive research and development to make Karma what it is today. The current Karma gives you all the support you need, at the same time leaving enough room for customization to suit your unique requirements.

Our Services


Even though our primary focus is building robust software solutions for clients around the globe, our technical expertise spans across multiple domains and are prepared to provide you with the right solutions.

Customization of Karma

Karma is the ultimate tool that will help you to manage your entire business through your finger tips. What makes it even more special is the level of customization it offers. You can get add-ons, upgrades and changes in the features to meet your unique business requirements.

Web Application Development

We use the latest agile development processes in order to build powerful and scalable web applications that are customized to suit the needs of our clients.

Mobile application development

The world is getting smaller and so are the devices used to manage our business. We do not deliver just an app, we deliver strategic advantage. We help our clients in developing tailor-made mobile applications by analyzing their need and the market situation.

Database architecture and administration

For any organization, data is their core strength. To make most out of these data, we provide advanced database designs to our clients. In addition to that, we also provide standard maintenance and troubleshooting services to ensure the Databases are at peak performance.

Cloud computing

We help our clients focus on their core business while the rest is taken care of by us through the use of shared resources and economies of scale. You can make the most out of your resource by avoiding or minimizing the up-front cost involved in IT infrastructure.


Today, outsourcing is one the most important strategy to remain profitable. We help our overseas clients to get ahead in the race by providing them outsourcing services.




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NEPAL- Opp Police HQ, Naxal-1, Kathmandu, Nepal


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NEPAL- +9779818696699



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