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Who We Are and What We Offer.

Go Free Payment offers a complete range of payment processing services and solutions at zeroprocessing fee. Go Free Payment runs based on four core values: integrity, honesty, dedication, and service. We help you to make transactions through credit cards anywhere anytime just easily as with cash, no matter the size and type of your business. Studies have shown that people will spend 12-18% more when they use a credit card. Go Free Payment is here to assist you to claim this deal and turn it into your profit. You can avoid high risks business activities with genuine credit card payment at zero processing cost.

Our Pricing is evidently less than our competitors

gofreepayments The Competition
Terminal 100% Free $29-$59 a month
Processing 100% Free 95%-98% Free
Statement Fee $0/ month $5-$10/ month
PCI Fee $0/ month $6 to $10/ month
Annual Fee $0/ year $89-$149/ year
Contract Term month-to-month 3 to 5 years

We offer payment services at zero processing cost for real. Our platform will add a minimum service fee to each customer's purchase but you get the full purchase price for the transaction. The processing fee comes directly to us and pays all your monthly transactions. When you receive your statement each month, you will always pay zero. Finally, a solution that completely eliminates merchant service fees. This is how we reduce your credit card fees 100%.

Go Free Payment provides a full suite of services for every business size either small, mid-sized to large retail business, or to every business category such as chain stores, franchise, restaurant, dealership, and so on. We work for nationwide credit and debit card processing, check guarantee, loyalty/gift card programs, QuickBooks plugins, POS systems, as well as on-the-go smart phone and tablet solutions. We work closely with youto determine the services available today which best suites your business needs.

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